Sasha Gray is the best cumslut swallowing tons of cum in this awesome Gloryhole scene

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Sasha Grey is certainly a talented performer, and she has certainly done some amazing work involving gloryholes. She is often praised for her tremendous ability to take huge loads of cum, and her willingness to do it all the time. She is definitely one of the hottest cumsluts around, and it’s no surprise that she is in high demand for scenes like this.

What other scenes has Sasha Gray been in?

Sasha Grey has appeared in a number of other films and television shows, including The Girlfriend Experience, Entourage, Smash, Open Windows, Robot Chicken, 8MM2, Life on Top, Would You Rather, I Melt With You, Smash Cut, and Middle Men. She’s also done voice acting work for the video game Saints Row: The Third and will be appearing in the upcoming film The Scribbler.

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